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Lenovo Z585 A10-4600M AMD Dual Graphics issues

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  • Lenovo Z585 A10-4600M AMD Dual Graphics issues

    Hello everyone,

    First post on phoronix, long-time reader. I need some help setting up a Lenovo Z585 with HD 7660G + 7670M Dual graphics on Linux (no distro preference). Now it's running Windows 8.1 (with all its flaws) because on Ubuntu 15.04, both the open-source and proprietary AMD drivers caused higher-than-usual temperatures (with the open-source ones maxing at around 90c while idle, oibaf ppa and latest stable kernel). The latest beta of Fglrx (15.200) ran at acceptable temperatures but would often cause Ubuntu to freeze during startup (on the loading screen before login).

    Anyone got any suggestions to manage switchable graphics (I know will have to be restarted for the new card to come into play) without any freezes/crashes on Linux? Anyone else experience that crash, is it DE-related, is it distro-related or just AMD releasing catalyst with a bug? Is there hope for low temperatures and switching cards (preferably with a GUI since it's not my laptop and the person in question is terminal-shy) with the open-source radeon drivers?

    Thanks for your time.