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    Amiga could do 8 channels with l33t trickery and 32 colors, noob


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      ST had a full 16-channel MIDI interface right on the board.
      Only needed 2 bits of it's 4-bit rasterized palette for that program! (Sequencer One & Cubase)
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        Originally posted by RealNC View Post
        There's a difference between a 1% market share and a 1 person market share. 1% accounts to many million users. 1 person accounts to 1 person :P

        Seriously, we're using Linux, not Amiga and Atari. Why would I bother them for something I don't use?
        Of course it was meant to be ironic. If you get the obvious difference between Amiga and Linux you can get the difference between Linux and Windows.

        I mean, Linux is not a hardcore gaming platform just because it lacks good driver, but also because there are not so many games out there. And why aren't there some many games? Because Linux hasn't got a big market share. And why hasn't Linux a big market share? Also because it lacks proper drivers. You can continue the loop endlessly.

        As Linus said Linux is all about evolution. As evolution happens the whole "ecosystem" grows. And while the ecosystem grows the market share increases.

        That's why we won't see the "Year of Linux on the desktop"... at least not as a big bang suddenly changing the market.


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          Regarding market share numbers and "Linux is sooo much more wide spread in germany": uhm, probably wrong. Do not think about geeks but about average joe. Average joe will use whatever comes preinstalled on his system. That is basically OSX if they buy a mac (I'd say less than 3% market share in germany) and Windows for most other systems. There are close to non systems that visibly have linux preinstalled directly on the shelf of the dealer. That is: in most shops you find exactly one system with linux preinstalled: the eeePC. But that's basically it.

          On the other hand some towns are (slowly) switching to open source software. The examples for this are Munich (really working on things) and Berlin (going forward slowly). But for normal home users the number is really low. As low that I would say "yes, it might be below the 1% margin".

          When thinking of market share you musn't forget that there are several user groups to count. If you just count among those who really know how to use their systems, I'd say Linux market share is close to, maybe above, 10%. Beside this there are lots of average joes who are happy when they are able to look at a website, no matter how. Add to this the gamers (mainly younger people). In germany gaming on the computer is a lot more common than in the US. And those gamers will be using Windows. Another big number in market share are the "corporate desktops". So what are companies using? Most companies are using windows for their desktop systems. Often not the admins are really deciding what to use but the boss of the company who will say "man, I want to be able to use ABC and XYZ, I don't care how you make it work, just do it". This often ends with windows...

          Yes, if we were in an ideal world Linux market share would be really high. But we are not.


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            Originally posted by ivanovic View Post
            Regarding market share numbers and "Linux is sooo much more wide spread in germany": uhm, probably wrong.
            (Living in Germany: )
            I have several friends at school who use Linux regularly, so I think that Linux market share in Germany IS actually higher than somewhere else.
            By the way, I think one major problem with Linux as a Desktop-system is that it's still regarded as a geek-only system and totaly unusuable for "normal" people. Some female friends of mine were sooo excited about WinVista's design and how "sweet" it was and they all said that it was much better than Linux (without ever having tried it). Well, then I showed them some Compiz videos on youtube and they quickly changed their decision - "normal" people just seem to get impressed too easily these days.

            EDIT: Oh yeah, just wanted to add that we always play Nexuiz on our Linux systems when we're on a LAN party or something
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              Here in South Africa, well it is quite difficult to get a copy of Windows off the street. It is easier going to a retailer, and asking the salesperson for a "deal".

              Getting a copy of Linux is being made as easy as possible (Thanks to the valiant efforts of Mark Shuttleworth), but most people here evangelise MS and their magnificent products, because simply, only MS products work with MS products, and they come pre-installed with every system sold*

              * A BIG FAT LIE (Most systems are sold without any OS)

              In the meantime, using Linux does make lots of business sense. I have a friend that worked for Impi Linux (A more localised flavour of Ubuntu) and they sell/provide hundred thousands of system to the government sectors each year.

              I do thin that 1% underrates the Linux market share, but I am happy that the Linux market share almost doubled in the last year.

              Big business joke that people are "playing" with Linux, and when they grow up must come to use Windows. Hypocritical I say, since every attempt by the large businesses that I know of to run core critical systems (such as DNS/Firewalls) on Windows, was a total disaster.


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                I installed Ubuntu on a machine of a friend of mine. He knows shit about computers but is quite happy with his Ubuntu at the mo, given that he is safe to visit whatever junk websites.

                I can say that in Sofia, and probably round the whole country, Linux is somewhat growing and a lot of people are dual booting. I believe this is because a lot of young guys are trying to be more tech inclined, shown among various forum boards. (but then again, we are a small country)

                Can't speak about gals other then that my sister has an EEEPC and is rooting for Linux.

                I support the idea that Linux in Europe is on a different level than USA.


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                  Yeah. Here in America it hasn't caught on at all.
                  Of the friends I know, only 5 use linux, and only 2 and myself use it on a daily basis for our personal use.


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                    I know a quite few people who use linux.
                    I say from what I've seen its at least 3%.

                    Theres a lot of statistics out there and they all vary wildly.
                    Heres the closest I think


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                      Why do you like's numbers (whoever they are) to say...infoweek?