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AMD Forms A Tiger Team For Catalyst Improvements, Including Linux

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    It does, but it has these limitations.. requires xf86-video-ati, requires compositing, still is buggy with opengl compositing where it often only shows a black window on startup and you have to minimize/restore to get window contents and I don't think my bug here was ever properly resolved:


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      At least you know prime make some of those issues, so you should avoid using it if you wish to track down it seems to me SI specific issues, as most bugs appear mainly with tahiti/pitcairn.

      Talos Principle works all fine for me but on CIK APU, so If i have SI i will likely bisect any of those issues, kernel. llvm, mesa... does not matter which, but for sure at first under most stable environment i found. That is not currently DRI3 and not prime. I guess but prime might have same issue under nouveau?

      And i will also avoid DEs and composition - some wm or just xinit will be fine... as same gpu faults might appear only under certain userspace conditions, etc...

      That if you really want to track down those issues
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        Originally posted by SXX⁣ View Post
        ... even in 7XXX some of cards is rebrands of 5XXX hardware.
        HD 7XXX and HD 5XXX are just marketing names.
        Yes, cards below "Radeon HD 77XX" are rebrands and not GCN.

        Even in the "Radeon R5 2XX" series there are none-GCN cards.

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          For the last year I've had the following setup:
          Hardware: Powercolor Radeon 7850 paired with an AMD 760K on a decent ASUS board (latest BIOS), decent CPU cooler, decent quality 8GB RAM and a solid PSU.
          Software: Ubuntu 14.04 (latest patches) with the latest AMD Catalyst drivers. Steam (latest patches) plus games.

          At first I had some graphical glitches in The Witcher 2 (EE) but with the release of a beta driver version a few weeks after the game was released these disappeared.

          I've added more games, Half life 2, Portal (1&2), Serious Sam 3, Borderlands 2, Metro Redux, Bioshock Infinite, etc as they've been released.

          Now this is where I need your guys help. I keep hearing that people have troubles and that they blame the drivers.

          But my problem is that it all seems to just work. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'm getting really curious.


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            Guys I am one of the "lucky" ones to use a Radeon R9 285 Tonga card which is great as a piece of hardware (great performance capabilities, low power consumption, directx 12 for windoze gaming, good price for all said), but I cannot use other driver than Catalyst.
            In one word the performance of the Omega 14.12 driver is awful!
            Many graphic glitches, slow 2D performance in KDE with kwin effects (opengl 3.1 and raster best results but still not good), slow 3D... Windows driver also shows optimization problems for my card of course not so many and intense. My old HD 5850 used to perform much better with R600 driver overall.
            I only hope the so called tiger team really to revert the chaotic code state of fglrx driver to something modern and robust, good luck guys! You will surely need it!


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              Noticed you didn't mention amdgpu. Now that the code is out in public, what would you need to start trying it out ? If the answer is "it needs to be in a distro release" that's fine, just trying to get a sense of when it's going to start getting picked up and tested outside AMD.

              We will be building amdgpu into the kernel images of the next HSA stack release (for U14.04 and F21) and are hoping to have some userspace ddx/mesa/libdrm packages to go with them (along with the HSA runtime & thunk) if that helps. Test focus will be Carrizo but should work with Tonga as well.

              EDIT - probably just answered my own question -- power management to get the Tonga clock speeds up. Carry on.


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                Originally posted by dungeon View Post
                For example on my APU (of course prime free setup) i don't have any artifacts and don't have any fault/lockups in games (nor that i have any of bugs you quoted there) but with DRI2... In DRI3 AA broken for some games, well and some more piglit tests does not pass and hyperz made some lockups, etc...
                With dri2 counter strike go actually plays better. Still some artifacts and flickering, but way smoother gameplay. Well, unless it hard locked the whole machine and I had to power off & on. But I was using linux-ck, so maybe it wasn't actually radeon's fault. Now again with mainline...


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                  I've been reading a bit about amdgpu support for catalyst. I think it's going to be something better. IMO leaner is always better and it sure looks like it will be leaner. That will lead to better bug reports and better bug tracking at the minimum.

                  I hope it turns out well. So far the concept is looking good.