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A way to get 3d support on 3870x2?

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    Thats correct, before you do that you can patch the code. But as you installed it using the normal installer use the uninstall script first:

    sudo /usr/share/ati/

    Then you extract the driver:

    sh --extract 8-7

    patch it:

    cd 8-7
    echo " FGL_ASIC_ID(0x950F)," >> common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/fglrxko_pci_ids.h

    create packages:

    ./ x --buildpkg Ubuntu/hardy

    install packages:

    sudo dpkg -i ../*.deb


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      Ok so DPKG wasn't installed appearently(dependency issues) so i went into synaptic and installed it. As it did so, it seemed to configure a fglx driver. I don't know if that screws the whole thing up..

      Anyway, the install seemed to work fine, but i think the last thing is how to put the "ChipId .." properly in xorg.conf...? I tried just exchanging the "Video Device driver" with ChipId 0x9501

      btw. i can't logon to the freenode server, is it down maybe?
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        Driver "fglrx"
        ChipID 0x9501


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          Ok, it says it's installed, there's a little "propritary hardware warning" on the topright corner. But when starting up the Xserver it says that it's running on "low graphics mode" a default vesa driver...

          no 3D works either..

          Soo, should i just try out an older Ati driver and see if that works?


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            Somebody with 8-3 or 8-4 reported success.


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              Originally posted by Kano View Post
              Somebody with 8-3 or 8-4 reported success.
              Ok cool, will try them then.

              Ehm how exacty do i uninstall the custom install? The /usr/share/ati dir only has a "amdcccle" dir in it...

              Am i just supposed to install another driver on top of the other or is there a 'right' way?


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                Well the accelleration might not work because the fglrx kernel driver was not loaded. When you don't know how to unload the other drivers before best reboot.