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Crashes, wrong screen sizes, xvideo, etc etc. Can ATI really suck this much?

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  • Crashes, wrong screen sizes, xvideo, etc etc. Can ATI really suck this much?

    It's just unbelievable.

    I've spent weeks configuring X, and it usually crashes, leaving my monitors in a weird state where a reboot is necessary (I fixed that with macros replacing with a "functional" xorg.conf)...

    I've used Xinerama (I don't want two different screens which I can't move windows between), but now _finally_ made it work with big desktop. However, the screen sizes are different and now I have dead space to the right which I can't use, and dead space below the smaller of the screens.
    How great.

    X dies when trying to output to xv.

    Some things seems to have been crashing for ages. And what does ATI say?
    Known Issues
    Loading the XVideo Extension on 64-bit Xorg 6.9+ systems causes the X Server to segfault on launch with Radeon X1K products. Further details and the workaround can be found in topic number 737-22837

    Great, so there's a workaround (since the ATI devs are stupid enough to not be able to actually fix the problem). Where's the workaround? Where on earth can I browse these "topic numbers"? I've tried to google for "ATI topic number" etc, but I can't find anything.
    Are these topics internal to ATI? If so, why the hell do they tell me that I can find them?

    My last computer was using nvidia. Things were really broken, and the driver support was complete crap, and I thought ATI couldn't possible be worse.

    Now I know better.
    Anyone wanna by a 256mb X1650?

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    The ATI knowledge base article you are referring to can be found @ (there really isn't a workaround other than going 32-bit)

    The X-Video x86_64 bug is an annoying issue, and I think I may have actually been the first one to report that bug prior to the driver release (at that time it was probably figured it was probably just a Fedora Core 5 X 7.0 64-bit bug).

    This has not been confirmed, but I would hope that the 64-bit xv bug is fixed in the coming months.
    Michael Larabel


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      Re: fglrx and 64 bit XVideo crash bug

      before reading this post i had almost the exact same thought about this bug. WHAT IS THE FUCKING WORKAROUND? Yes, the bug is annoying. Yes, NOT FIXING IT is annoying. On top of that, ATI says there is a fucking workaround and there isn't. UNBELIEVABLE! If it wasn't for this bug I'd be using a completely x86_64 native system. There's even a way to get flash player working with 64-bit firefox.

      There's really no excuse for this kind of bug, anyway! Give me the source code and I'll fucking fix it! ATI, are you reading this?

      I have a X1800XT (PE) 512MB with a $100 danger den waterblock mounted on it that I'm thinking about selling now, too.

      (another disgruntled ATI/linux user)
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        The bug should be fixed soon...
        Michael Larabel


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          there will never be a bug fix

          Guys I can't believe it that I actually found people with the same problem as mine.
          Some months before ATI made known this issue I knew I had it and reported it to them multiple times.

          I have a x1600 radeon with a x86_64 processor and system, from then I didn't wan't to install a 32bit system because 'dammit, I bought a 64bit processor for a damn reason.

          And the work around? where is it? You don't know how it's month I check my feeds and when I see a new release I pray to god, satan, budha and every known superior entity that could make this a resolved issue.

          To my surprise though... known issue, I think they forgot it.
          Come one ATI/AMD guys! just because 64bit users are much less this isn't a reason to FORGET it! and I can't believe that months now they can't fix this bug.

          I hate to say it but when I need to upgrade my system again I will probably go to Intel just because they open sourced their drivers...


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            I guess these kinds of experiences do prompt the "ATi is evil" mentality. Pity, really... because these bugs should have been fixed already.

            Lying about a workaround is just too sucky too. I hope you guys find some fix for it.