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installing fglrx driver for ATI X1300 card

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  • installing fglrx driver for ATI X1300 card

    Need to re-install driver for my ATI card on Lenovo notebook machine. OS is Fedora Core 6. Also need to install other apps but first things are video driver. Long story short I mistakenly uninstalled many apps while doing an upgrade yesterday, but I digress. Bear with me as I'm somewhere between novice and expert...

    I'm booting now to runlevel 3, and login as root. First have to figure out how to get internet connection up (using dhcp). Can't recall how to do this outside of my window manager. Thought it was iface command. Once I get access to internet will it be: yum install xorg-x11-drv-fglrx ? Or should I be installing an RPM from livna repo? Right now the error I'm getting from xorg.conf is fglrx module not loaded, and yum log says fglrx was erased yesterday.

    Over the past year I've used software call pirut to do installs. With yum I'm always unsure if I'm getting the right versions.

    Thans in advance.

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    If the vesa driver is still installed you might be able to get the window manager up just by editing your x.conf file to use vesa instead of fglrx.


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      Under modules section of xorg.conf I changed driver to vesa. Then tried startx. No luck; got some crazy colorful pattern of pixels but no window manager. Maybe I went about this all wrong.

      I notice most folks resolve problems by posting file contents to this forum. In the short term doing this will be a challenge. I could save that type of information to flash driver or cdrom then boot Windoze, fire up browser and post...if I could get devices to mount. Yes, when it rains it pours.