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Rotate screen with fglrx? (gets a bit ranty)

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  • Rotate screen with fglrx? (gets a bit ranty)

    Has anyone managed to get screen rotation working with the fglrx driver? I don't care if it's via RANDR, or the aticonfig utility or wherever. How does it perform? Can you still use OpenGL apps or play video? Can you do it on-the-fly or does it require an X restart?

    My GeForce 6800GT just died and I REALLY want to get an ATI card to support AMD for their OSS efforts and investment.

    I understood that:
    • I would now have to choose between windowed video playback and desktop effects (compiz)
    • Some of my games in Cegeda would either not work or look ugly (something to do with shaders?).

    ... and even so I almost ordered a 4870 this evening. But while looking for a pivotable TFT monitor to accompany it, I was floored by the following quote:
    ATI Linux drivers do not rotate screens natively. In other words, Linux users currently are unable to rotate their screens without extreme slowness. The Windows version works beautifully.
    Can this really still be true? Even for a ridiculously overpowered card like the 4870? Would even a Core 2 Quad yield "extreme slowness" at 1920x1200? Or is the wiki just out of date?

    If true, that's probably the final straw for me. I've been running Nvidia cards on Linux for so long now that I'm not prepared to lose quite this much basic functionality for the sake of my OSS ideals!

    No offence intended - Bridgman especially is doing a heroic job in these forums and I'm sure it reflects the effort that ATI is investing. But at the moment I feel like I want to put ?50 into an ATI 'tip' box while I go grab myself a GTX 260.