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Mixed resolution dual screen + VGA as primary

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  • Mixed resolution dual screen + VGA as primary

    Hi. In light of the nVidia 2D performance problems as of late, I'm going to see if I can switch over to my Radeon 9700. I've had some problems getting my desired dual screen setup to work. What I want is one primary screen at 1680x1050 on the VGA connector, and a secondary screen at 1360x768 on the DVI connector. The only other major requirement is overlay video working on both screens. With nVidia cards, I do this by means of TwinView. With the ATI card I always end up with a bad resolution on one or both of the screens.

    Just to clear things up:
    - Different resolutions on the two screens are supposed to work, right? (Is this a relatively new feature? I haven't tried other drivers than those in Ubuntu Hardy.)
    - The VGA connector can be set as primary, right? I read somewhere that only the DVI connector can be set as primary in older versions.

    I'm primarily talking about the proprietary drivers now, but since I hear the free drivers are progressing nicely, I'd like to try those too, so the same questions apply to those also.

    Thanks a lot for any help.


    Problem solved. For anybody else in the same situation: The open drivers do the trick nicely. I found what I needed on
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