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ATI x1250 + Gentoo + compiz = refreshing problem ?

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  • ATI x1250 + Gentoo + compiz = refreshing problem ?

    I've got a problem with watching films or palying games when compiz is enabled. The problem is that when a movie is playing the movie window flashes, the same thing with games. I think that it's something with the refreshing. Even when I rotate my compiz-cube i can see a line on the diagonal of the screen. I think that's related with the problem. Is it the ati-drivers foult or i've got messed my xorg.conf?

    The problem appeared on fedora 8&9 but on suse 10.3 and ubuntu 7.04 everything worked just fine...

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    The line you're seeing when rotating the compiz-cube is probably due to vsync not working for you. You might try tinkering around with your xorg.conf, aticonfig and CCC, but the problem will most likely persist. This is the drivers fault.
    The flickering of videos is a problem with DRI though and is present on all drivers except the nVidia ones, since they put a workaround in their driver. This is going to be fixed with DRI2 afaik. It's possible to workaround this somehow though, but all I know about this is that I had it working on Debian once, now I'm not using compiz anymore.


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      Thank you for the information. I'm not using compiz anymore too, but I was curious what is the reason of this errors.