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HD 2600 PRO - dissapointed by performance

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    The Radeon HD 2600 can not do any meaningful hardware acceleration of h264 or VC1 playback under Linux. It can do some Motion Compensation (henceforth MC) and some inverse discrete cosine transform (likewise IDCT) acceleration, but those are intended for DVD playback, and aren't really useful for the newer HD codecs. THe Radeon HD 2K series do have UVD, so they can do parts of the x264/VC1 decode in hardware on Windows, but things have to be just so in order for it to work.

    Make sure you have the newest ATI drivers installed.
    Be sure you're using a hardware-accelerated media player. For VC1/WMVHD, only Windows Media Player is a sure thing.

    Pray. HD decode acceleration is not nearly so clean and easy to set up as most folks would tell you. Lots of tiny little things can scupper the whole process, and a P4/2.0 isn't going to manage anything if hardware decode doesn't happen.

    And forget all about Linux. AMD/ATI made some very compromising choices in order to get UVD into their chips, and it looks like Linux will never ever get any part of it as a result.

    Thank DRM.


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      Just a quick clarification here -- the DRM bits of UVD might be a problem for providing open source support for UVD under Linux, but so far we don't see any problems with providing closed source support for UVD.
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        Sorry, that really didn't even occur to me. You are of course absolutely correct.

        Think AMD can sell me a discounted 4870 for testing/documentation purposes? I'm thinking about switching back and can do a big writeup on it.

        (Kids are expensive)