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Annoying problem with refresh rate on CRT with 8.47.3

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  • Annoying problem with refresh rate on CRT with 8.47.3

    I've got a really annoying problem on my Arch Linux system. At the moment I'm using ATI Catalyst Linux Driver ver. 8.47.3 on 2.6.25 kernel (but my problem isn't related to this kernel, as it was present before). After specifying resolution, hsync and vrefresh values with aticonfig command for my monitor, which is an old Sony CPD-E230 (CRT), I was able to get a desired 1024x768. The refresh rate is 85Hz although my monitor is capable of reaching 100Hz on current resolution (achieved this only on Windows). But that's not the problem as I can stand it. Every time I'm trying to change the refresh rate via ATI Catalyst Control Center or KDesktop, I found myself with 60Hz no matter how high or low I was trying to set this value. But that's not all. If I run a game which set other refresh rate value than standard 85Hz, then after returning to the Desktop I notice the same situation. The only way to attain higher refresh rate is to...reboot system so the default values could be loaded. As you may think it's very annoying I didn't have any of this problems while I was using an LCD monitor, but for now I'm stuck with this one and It won't change for some time.

    Did anyone run into similar issue? Any suggestions what could be done here to resolve this? Below is my xorg.conf file.

    Section "ServerLayout"
    	Identifier     "layout1"
    	Screen      0  "aticonfig-Screen[0]" 0 0
    	InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
    	InputDevice    "Mouse1" "CorePointer"
    	Option	    "DefaultServerLayout"
    	Option	    "AIGLX" "on"
    Section "Files"
    Section "Module"
    #       Load  "type1"
    #       Load  "record"
    	Load  "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension
    	Load  "v4l" # Video for Linux
    	Load  "extmod"
    	Load  "freetype"
    	Load  "glx" # 3D layer
    	Load  "dri" # direct rendering
    Section "ServerFlags"
    	Option	    "AllowMouseOpenFail"
    	Option	    "BlankTime" "10"   # wygaszacz ekranu
    	Option	    "StandbyTime" "30" # czuwanie (standby) - 80% pobieranej mocy
    	Option	    "SuspendTime" "35" # uĹ?pienie (suspend) - monitor pobiera mniej niĹź 15W
    	Option	    "OffTime" "45"     # wyĹ??czony (power off) - monitor pobiera mniej niĹź 5W
    	Option	    "Xinerama" "off"
    	Option	    "HandleSpecialKeys" "WhenNeeded"
    Section "InputDevice"
    	Identifier  "Mouse1"
    	Driver      "mouse"
    	Option	    "Name" "Logitech USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse"
    	Option	    "CorePointer"
    	Option	    "Protocol" "ExplorerPS/2"
    	Option	    "Device" "/dev/input/mouse1"
    	Option	    "Buttons" "7"
    	Option	    "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
    	Option	    "ButtonMapping" "1 2 3 6 7"
    Section "InputDevice"
    	Identifier  "Keyboard0"
    	Driver      "kbd"
    	Option	    "CoreKeyboard"
    	Option	    "XkbModel" "logiaccess"
    	Option	    "XkbLayout" "pl"
    	Option	    "XkbOptions" "compose:rwin"
    Section "Monitor"
    	Identifier   "aticonfig-Monitor[0]"
    	DisplaySize  325	260
    	Option	    "VendorName" "SONY"
    	Option	    "ModelName" "CPD-E230"
    	Option	    "DPMS" "true"
    	HorizSync   30.0-85.0
    	VertRefresh 48.0-120.0
    Section "Device"
    	Identifier  "aticonfig-Device[0]"
    	Driver      "fglrx"
    	VendorName  "ATI Technologies Inc."
    	BoardName   "RADEON X800 PRO"
    	Option	    "FSAAScale" "4"
    	Option	    "VideoOverlay" "on"
    	Option	    "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
    	Option	    "AccelMethod" "XAA"
    	Option	    "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "on"
    #	Option	    "XAANoPixmapCache" "on"
    	Option	    "TexturedVideo" "on"
    #	Option	    "TexturedVideoSync" "on"
    Section "Screen"
    	Identifier "aticonfig-Screen[0]"
    	Device     "aticonfig-Device[0]"
    	Monitor    "aticonfig-Monitor[0]"
    	DefaultDepth     24
    	DefaultFbBPP     32
    	Option	    "AccelMethod" "XAA"
    	Option	    "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps"
    	Option	    "XaaNoPixmapCache"
    	SubSection "Display"
    		Viewport   0 0
    		Depth     24
    		Modes    "1024x768"
    Section "DRI"
     # wszyscy uĹźytkownicy mog? uĹźywa? renderowania sprz?towego
    	Mode         0666
    Section "Extensions"
    	Option	    "XVideo" "on"
    	Option	    "Composite" "on"