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    hey ... I just read about the new 8.5 driver and how it's supposed to have improved 2D performance, amongs other things. Now, I'm sure those changes are not perceptible by just looking at your windows draw up, so I'm curious to know what tools you guys at phoronix are using to mesure and compare different display drivers. I know about the glxgears and all, but I wondered if you guys have any more thorough, intensive testing 'packages' you used.

    oh side note, Im running 8.4 atm and I can only get 55-60 fps in compiz benchmark, and i've also tried glxgears with similar results. However, everything is smooth as a puma, so im wonderin where do all those frames go to die???... does anyone else experience this? Ah, i'm also runnin kde4 with plasma, maybe thats why? Again, its not really a performance issue per say, as everything is runnin fine, but the benchmarkers give me odd results.

    let me know!

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    1) gtkperf
    2) v-sync matches the framerate to your screen's refresh rate (that's one explanation anyway)