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Need confirmation: fglrx causes OOo Calc to crash

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  • Need confirmation: fglrx causes OOo Calc to crash

    I've been working for the past three hours on a series of graphs in Calc and at least two times when trying to erase a graph the program crashed, and the apprent culprit seems to be fglrx, though I can't say that for sure, so before filing a bug for either, can somebody else try to see if indeed graphing can crash Calc in conjunction with fglrx? I'm unable to copy or do anything with the dump window from OOo, though.

    By the way, this happened, while running it with Compiz.

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    Created a small graph in OOcalc, deleted it, didnt crash.
    Run OO from a terminal and see what output it gives when crashing.
    Perhaps its the OOo OpenGL settings at fault.
    Still I think fglrx isnt at fault here, you can test with radeon open-source driver perhaps.


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      Works just fine with me also.

      Fglrx 4.76, Ati x1300

      OpenGL enabled OOcalc.


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        Well, I'm not sure what's at fault here but it apparently has something to do with fglrx OR Compiz (not necessarily linked to fglrx). I don't have OpenGL enabled in it (due to AIGLX and Compiz), but using radeonhd and obviously no desktop effects, seems to be more stable. I have only been able to reproduce the crash once, the console doesn't show the same trace as the window that should pop up. At any rate, it may have been Calc in conjunction with something else in my system... will keep testing, though.


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          Ok, apparently it had more to do with what I was trying to do with Calc than anything else. So it happens that the particular file I was working on when it crashed, contained "stringed" numbers, no actual numbers of which I was trying to generate a graph... I was able to reproduce the issue on another computer without AIGLX and completely different hardware, so this may be actually related to Calc than anything else. Thanks for your replies guys.