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Triple head + screen rotation possible with fglrx?

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  • Triple head + screen rotation possible with fglrx?

    I'm using a standard dual screen xinerama setup right now with both monitors in landscape mode running 1280x1024. This is on a radeon X1800XL with the latest fglrx driver, Suse 10.1 x64, KDE 3.5
    Now, I'm thinking of adding another ati card and a monitor, and at the same rotating all three into portrait mode. Does anyone know if the driver will support it? A quick google didn't reveal anything, not about ati at least.

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    The fglrx drivers currently only support one GPU with a maximum of two display devices. Thus you are not able to power three display heads from a single GPU or use two graphics cards to acheive more heads. That is all with the present-day fglrx drivers.
    Michael Larabel


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      Thanks Michael although that is bad news. What is the better option:
      - get an nvidia card for the third monitor, although I really doubt this is possible while keeping all three in the same X instance
      - sell the radeon and get two nvidia cards, which should support this setup (e.g. in this forum)
      - or what about the radeon driver? I don't use any 3D software on this machine anyway.



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        The Radeon driver may be able to handle three monitors -- I forgot off hand but I am sure it's mentioned in the Wiki.
        Michael Larabel


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          Dual head is supported, but no mention of triple. The only way to find out would be to get a second card and try