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Possible answer to hard lock freezing using fedora 8 fglrx

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  • Possible answer to hard lock freezing using fedora 8 fglrx

    690G IGP x1250 128MB ( total RAM 2GB )

    When I say hard lock / freeze I mean I cannot kill X, I can't do anything, I must hit the reset button on my tower.

    AKA kernel panic bsod crash freeze lock frozen

    Video freezes on the last frame of gameplay, the audio loops 1 second of sound before the freeze, the network appears to keep working, but I cannot ssh remote in to restart, keyboard unresponsive.

    Memory allocation / ownership bug ??

    I always use another X session/linux user when playing games. I'm not sure if the lock up happens when using the same user/X session all the time. I do not use switchuser, I quit my previous X session by logging off. Running X on 1 virtual console - F7.

    The lockup occurs if I have been developing using my default linux user/X session. Then I decide to take a break and play games, so logoff dev user, login as game user. When I start the game, once game play gets started, the lock up will happen either immediately, or within 10 minutes.

    Avoid lock ups by doing the following before playing games. - basically a fglrx reboot -

    /sbin/init 2
    /sbin/rmmod fglrx
    /sbin/modprobe fglrx
    /sbin/init 5

    Or restart the computer then use the X user/session that I normally use to play games, I have no lockups.

    Could the video memory - which is shared system RAM - still be "chowned" or locked by the previous X session?

    At first I thought it was other packages, new to fedora 8 but that proved false. Also, I thought there was a fix by turning all 3D options on using amdcccle, but that too is false.

    I didn't have these problems in FC7, but ran a different X setup. I would start X on 2 consoles and switch that way.
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