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Catalyst 8.3 r300 bug... ?

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  • Catalyst 8.3 r300 bug... ?

    Hi, i have this since I installed new fglrx driver. The textures which are close to each other, or which are overlapping one on another are flickering and causing some kind of saw-shape border. Its very annoying because while moving mouse around this saw-shape bug is acting like a wave, and its disturbing.

    As you can see on photos, this occurs only when I'm at distance to such objects. When I'm getting closer the amplitude of "wave" is getting smaller, but it doesn't disappear.

    This bug is always present, while running Compiz. When I disable or uninstall compiz, and then I run the game first time, its all good, but after running vid_restart command the bug returns.

    This bug in particular moments lets me see through the walls, when enemy stands near the wall, he flashes from time to time, when i move mouse around

    my sys: