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Building only the kernel module...

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  • Building only the kernel module...

    I'm sorry for asking this, especially if it has been asked before, and given that I have not dealt with ATi drivers for some time, but how do I build only the kenrel module? Do I need to extract the drivers or can it be done with the .run package (like nvidia's -K switch)

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    Ok, so apparently the only way to do this is by extracting the package and going into the fglrx-install.[number]/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod, but I cannot run successfully (something about a unary operator expected at line 537), and under 2.6.x issuing make also fails miserably... Help?


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      Given the recent problems with 8.6 in regards to screen corruption, I reverted back to 8.5 and now I face the problem that I cannot use my updated kernel, as there is no prebuilt kernel module for it in the Livna packages. So I thought of building it manually off the driver package... However, just like last time I've found that I don't seem able to do such a thing from the apparent directory that I should invoke make from... Any help would be much appreciated... Maybe should I create another thread?