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Problems with Xv and fglrx 8.3 on rv620

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  • Problems with Xv and fglrx 8.3 on rv620

    A few hours ago I was very excited to read that a new version of fglrx is out which supports xvideo this time.

    But after installing the driver I experience exactly the same problems as before -> video is very blocky and I really don't want to look at it this way.

    I have an HD3450 (RV620) and I wonder whether anybody else is expieriencing similar problems with such a card... I already read through most of the threads of this forum and played around a lot with my xorg configuration, but without success.

    Here is the device part of my xorg.conf, maybe anyone with a working configuration can post his version:
    Section "Device"
    	Option "TexturedVideo" "on"
    	Option "Textured2D" "on"
    	Identifier  "Videocard0"
    	Driver      "fglrx"
    	Option	    "OpenGLOverlay" "off"
    	Option	    "VideoOverlay" "off"
    Are the HD3xxx cards even supported by fglrx? When looking for drivers on the amd website, the HD3xxx series doesn't show up for linux.


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    You might want to try turning textured2D off, although I don't think that will make a difference. The 620/635 PCIE parts are supported; it's just the download menu that's a bit out of date.

    Which player are you using ?


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      Thanks for replying. I tried various combinations and did also assure that amdpcsdb was consistent with the xorg.conf configuration.

      The players I tried were mplayer and the mythtv internal player. mplayer works fine with gl overlay, but videos played by mythtv always look ugly since it tries to use xvideo.


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        How about mplayer on Xv ? That's the one I would expect to be improved in 8.3.


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          mplayer with xv turned on still looks the same as before -> blocky video. In short: from 8.2 to 8.3 nothing has changed for me.

          xvinfo indicates that xv should work, but nothing is visible.