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Random OpenGL corruption

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  • Random OpenGL corruption

    Software: FC8 x86_64, 8.2 fglrx
    Hardware: 690G/X1200 IGP

    Since XV will never be supported on Avivo cards, and
    since TexturedVideo is not yet supported on Avivo cards (in the x86_64 architecture) ...

    I use GL for rendering video. However, I see bizarre corruption which consists of disjoint vertical bands which have disjoint pieces of the image. I have observed this behavior mplayer, xine, and in other opengl applications, including games and rendering the interface for mythtv.

    Here's the kicker: Thing work properly about 20% of the time. I can start (e.g.) mplayer, and see a corrupted, unwatchable video. Kill it, restart with the exact same command, and things work just fine! There is no obvious pattern (it can take 10 or 12 times to get it started properly, or it can work correctly twice in a row). This same behavior is seen with other applications and non-full screen applications.

    The "multiple of 64" virtual screen size workaround is irrelevant. Images can work, or not work, regardless of whether the image size is a multiple of 64.

    Anyone one else run into this? Could it be an interaction between various loaded X modules or enabled extensions?

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    There's a bugzilla ticket (#1056) which sounds similar. The last post to that ticket indicated the problem occurred in 8.2 but not in the previous 8.1 driver. I don't think we've seen this in house so if anyone seeing the problem could confirm if it also happens on 8.1 that would be great.


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      There's also bug #1039. I can confirm that 8.1 works more or less fine with opengl, but 8.2 is mostly unusable with opengl. As a test case, you can use xmoto which does not work at all with 8.2.

      My setup is amd64 kernels (64 bits) with "Radeon X1600 Series" (Chipset = 0x71c3) card.



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        I downgraded to 8.01, and the problem is not present.

        Other correlated data:

        The "3d" options in the catalyst control center are now avail. (previously grayed out for things like anti-aliasing).


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          I can confirm the issue with fglrx 8.2 / amd64 / Ubuntu 7.10. This is reproducible on *all* OpenGL applications, including glxgears.

          I haven't been able to find the exact cause, but it seems linked to viewport size. Starting the default glxgears, works correctly about once out of five times (about 20%). Resizing the window, helps clean up the corruption.