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ASUS P2-M2A690G + Xine

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    I'm wondering now has anyone faced following behaviour with this setup. I didn't get the VDR working with xineliboutput plugin after trying a lot. The XV worked for some channels but not all.

    Then I thought I could try Xine. I noticed that if I start Xine with command 'xine' or 'xine DVB://"YLE TV1"', I can get the video showed correctly. Both native and scaled video works. I even checked with --verbose and it is really using xv as video output.

    Then I tested DVD playback, same thing.

    Then I noticed one difference when looking at xine log. I remember VDR was complaining about missing mpeg_block demuxer when the installation was not complete. It disappeared when I fixed the problem. So, one would assume that VDR+xineliboutput is using mpeg_block ( and xine is using MPEG Transport Stream demuxer ( even checked with --verbose and it is really using xv as video output.

    Maybe there is something wrong in VDR+xineliboutput-plugin code which is using xine-lib.

    I noticed one thing that comes and goes with xine also. If I start xine with either of previously presented commands, I might end up with scrambled display. It doesn't happen all the time, but like half of the starts. If I switch between fullscreen and window with xines ui, the video is shown correctly. This might be some timing issue, maybe related to HW temperature. I don't know...

    Based on this experience I would say that Xvideo is working on X1250 with fglrx 8.2 driver. There might be some issues that are different from other drivers/chips, so fglrx might need somewhat different code from user SW side.

    I could try to get some help on debugging this from xine-quys...


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      The new 8.3 release didn't seem to give anything new. I'm not sure about the Xv itself, but I'm still having the same problems.

      Using Xine and XineLib
      When I start xine and select DVB, I'll first get scrambled picture. When I toggle to fullscreen, the situation corrects and stays that way even though I toggle back to window mode or change channel. Same applies to DVD watching.
      I can seen that CPU load is around 10-15% during playback and it doesn't vary if I change the window size.
      I have AMD Athlon X2 BE-2350.


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        I tried mplayer and it works without problems. I haven't yet tried how subtitles and stuff work with it...