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Prioritize input devices?

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  • Prioritize input devices?

    Does anyone know how to nice input devices like mice and keyboards? For instance, I'm playing warsow or quake wars, and when the fps dips too low, the keyboard would stop responding intermittently and the mouse would lag a bit.

    I actually think its fglrx since my 1ghz pc never gets intput lag, no matter how shitty the performance is (nvidia) - but who knows.

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      Thats odd, I never had that kind of a prob under ubuntu even with my like-watching-paint-dry-slow xpress200m gpu. I used fglrx too, the radeon driver had 3d problems with mine.


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        CPU load is more a function of how fast your CPU is RELATIVE TO your GPU (particularly the pixel processing section).

        If you have a fast CPU and slow GPU then the system will be GPU-bound and the CPU will not be pinned. If you have a slow CPU and a fast GPU then the CPU will often be pinned at 100% and presumably that could impact input processing (I don't know enough about X input to be at all sure).

        If you have a slow CPU *and* a slow GPU (or fast/fast) then things are more balanced and it dependes more on resolution, quality level etc.

        This is a long answer but I'm just trying to make the point that you need to look at the relative performance of CPU and GPU to understand how heavily the app and driver will load the CPU. Looking at one or the other is not enough.


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          Ok, well I have an Athlon XP-M 2400+ thats overclocked to like, I don't know, maybe a 3500+. Then I also got this aging Radeon 9600 XT and I'm using the 2.6.24 kernel.

          Now, if I play Warsow (at 1400x1050 naturally), for instance, with all its effects and glory, the mouse will noticeably lag and sometimes the keyboard will to whenever the fps drops below 60. Otherwise, everything is pretty responsive.

          The same thing happens in Quake Wars, except the fps has to drop even further.

          Here's the weird part - with driver 7-11 I never had these lag problems to the extent I do now. There's not much else to explain, but it seems to only happen with older hardware since noone else seems to get the same problems.