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HD 3850 World of Warcraft Catalyst 8.01

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  • HD 3850 World of Warcraft Catalyst 8.01

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm a Linux user that gave up on ATI some time ago, and switched to Nvidia. Recently, with all the announcements that have been coming out of ATI/AMD, I've decided to go ahead and purchase a new Radeon HD 3850 for my newest system.

    So far, it seems to scream. Works fast. I'm fairly happy with it in most regards, and its a huge improvement over my Geforce 7800GS.

    That being said, I'm a little bummed out that Full Screen Glow doesn't work in World of Warcraft. I'm running Catalyst 8.01, with all the xorg.conf changes listed on for Linux ATI usage. I've got the game working perfectly, except that enabling Full Screen Glow doesn't do anything (image is exactly the same as before, no blurring while underwater, no blurring while drinking ale/beer).

    Seems like a shame, especially because the card rocks performance wise. Is there anyone out there who has this working properly on an ATI card? If so, how do you do it? Many of the "guides" I've seen on the Ubuntu forums wholeheartedly recommend disabling pixel shaders, and then claim that the game is fully "working", which I think is a shame, because it seems to "beautify" the game.

    Googling hasn't found me a lot of answers, and I've tried searching this forum a bit, and haven't found anything.

    So; anyone running World of Warcraft, on Linux, on FGLRX, with Full Screen Glow enabled (and working?).

    Thanks a bunch!

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    You can enable the glow effect by disabling pixel shaders, However even when doing this the game glow effects only work partially, and that's not always guaranteed. Other then that there is no way to get them working.

    Also the drive is in a major overhaul right now. They are to busy working on other issues to worry about games. I've tried getting other games besides wow to work with my x1900 ATI card but that doesn't seem possible. I have another system with a 8800GTS and everything works by default with wow. Only thing you change is opengl and fps tweak. Other games seem to work just fine also with minor tweaking.

    I will say this though by next year AMD should be the leader in linux drivers, if they can get more developers.
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      Yeah. Us gamers and performance geeks are getting little (or sometimes none at all) love. The devs. are too busy getting general compatibility and features to work. Doesn't help that most ATI Linux users are not running high end cards and/or are more concerned with driver stability and feature support. Face it, most of the gamers and speed freaks are on the green side.
      Still, my HD2900XT performs great in games (Linux native games that is). It does lag behind the Windows driver a bit though; Doom 3 time demo gives me 118fps on Linux while I get 133fps with Windows.