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  • It's alive!

    OMG I finally got fglrx working on my x1950 Pro AGP! This is the first time since 8.35.5, which is a LONG time!

    First of all I installed the driver on Gentoo using a modified 8.443.1 ebuild but I got an error about amdpcsdb.default missing. My heart sank, thankfully there was an easy fix to the ebuild on the Gentoo forums.

    After starting up with the modified ebuild I got booted back to the console with an error about not being able to allocate PCIE memory, I thought I was doomed for another month. However after playing with the AGP aperture setting in the BIOS I got it working.

    At 128MB AGP apeture setting I got the error, at 256MB I got just a black screen and had to reboot and finally at 512MB it works!

    Initial tests look good, my glxgears and fgl_fglxgears results are at least double what they were under 8.35.5. I'm just updating back to the latest stable and 2.6.23 kernel and I'll install some games for a proper test.