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8.01 - X is corrupted, can't do anything

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  • 8.01 - X is corrupted, can't do anything

    Ok, no matter what options i put in or remove from xorg.conf, all I get is a corrupted login. At that point X refuses input so I can't login.

    Anything I should try?

    Nevermind, it turns out that fglrx has broken dvi support on the radeon 9600. I'll just stick to fuzzy analog until its fixed.
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    Crud, I only have 2 DVI-out on my card. Was this my problem all along, even with a sub-D adapter and analog monitor attached to it?
    I Used to get the corrupted login too, haven't tried fglrx from Catalyst 8-1 yet.


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      Glad I'm not the only one with this problem, sucks that you have two DVI though. Maybe this bug will come up during testing on a later release.