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IBM T-30 laptop display is too dark

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  • IBM T-30 laptop display is too dark

    Hi all,

    I have an IBM T-30. just installed F8. The embedded display card is ATI Radeon Mobility M7 LW 7500.

    I followed the instructions on the "Fedora 8 Perfect desktop " page and for the ATI drivers and Xserv crashed.
    I had to revert back to the original config.
    I now have a "Linva Display Config" GUI and an "ATI Catalyst Control center" in my Systems Tools menue.
    The ATI Center asks me ""to install an ATI DRIVER APPORPRIATE TO MY SYSTEM"" then closes.

    DOes anyone know where I can find the good driver?

    Thanks in advance

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    That's wierd. Sounds like the Fedora installer tried to put the fglrx proprietary driver on your system -- but AFAIK fglrx does not support the 7500. I don't think CCC will be of any use on your system -- it is designed to work with fglrx.

    I assume you want the "radeon" driver (xf86-video-ati), plus mesa/mesa and mesa/drm. I imagine these are available nicely packaged for Fedora from somewhere, but don't know where.

    Alternatively, if you feel brave you can download & build them from


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      Well that's one of the resons why a good ATI/NV install tool should check for the vga pci id which are supported. My script handles that but basically ATI could add a little verification too - currently it would be extra simple to parse


      and match against currently installed vga cards. I use that in serveral stages to find the latest available driver for the intergrated card but this kind of check would prevent users from even trying to install the driver on unsupported hardware using the "official" installer.


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        Yeah... I thought we already did that check though...

        Maybe I'll add this to the "ask ATI dev" list myself