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HD 2600 PRO AGP - driver problems

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    This is a known issue, and it is being worked on.

    We pushed a Windows driver with HD2xxx AGP support out a week or two ago and at first glance it seems to be working for users who had been experiencing problems. On the Linux side, we are going to update the release notes in the next driver to make it clear that AGP support for HD2xxx parts is not yet there, so you will be able to see when support arrives.
    As I've mentioned here before, I have an AGP part that is completely non-functional (locks up my machine). Are you saying now that until a week or two ago, it wasn't functional in Windows either? What exactly was the product sold for?

    And the proposed fix for Linux is to update the notes to say there isn't any fix?

    Did I just fall down the rabbit hole?


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      Initial support for 6xx AGP on Windows had been released but there were problems reported on a number of chipsets. We published a hotfix release a few weeks ago which seems to have addressed those issues, and those updates will appear in subsequent regular Windows releases.

      Support for 6xx AGP on Linux has not yet been released, but it is being worked on. In the meantime we are going to update the notes to clearly distinguish between 6xx PCIE (which is supported) and 6xx AGP (which is not yet supported but is being worked on).
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        Originally posted by N-0-X View Post
        Yes, I'm very impatient also!

        I bought a HD 2400 Pro (just to view movies in HD) this week after seeing that the driver was online, too bad I didn't know it was the PCI-E version that worked and *not* the AGP one...

        Keep us posted, thanks!

        Mmh... interesting. My HD2400 Pro PCI-E freezes the machines too, after running X-window a few seconds OR whenever starting GL programs...


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          Ehhh... Catalyst 8.2 doesn't solve this issue problem is still, so We have to wait for Catalyst 8.3 or any Hotfix.


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            Weirdly enough, the windows driver download page for Catalyst 8-2 suggests that on 2400 and 2600 chipsets, PCIe is the only supported form factor, yet the Windows XP 8-2 driver works just fine on my PC (dual-boot of Linux and WinXP) with an HD2600XT AGP card.
            No noticeable improvement though but I haven't tested much yet (will try that Company of Heroes speed boost of 20% they claim but that isn?t exactly an framerate-intensive game)


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              The funny thing is that the hd 2600 pro and XT AGP are NOT exotic video card they are mainstream budget card that are sold by the thousand !!!! And since I was able to help a fellow Mandrivian on the official mandriva forum to install the latest driver for his HD3850 PCIE. I reasonably expected that a HD2600 pro would be supported by the latest driver since it has been release earlier.

              But Noooooooo

              PS: there is nothing in the release note of the latest AMD/ATI driver that say that those HD2XXX AGP are not supported!!!


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                When there would have been a Linux sticker on the box you could sue em, but I think there is none Best way: find a friend with NV AGP card and exchange it or return it if possible.


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                  Windows support for HD2xx AGP was pushed out via hotfix in January.

                  EDIT -- seems that Cat 8.2 for Windows does *not* contain the AGP changes, ie Cat 8.3 will be the first Windows driver with the the AGP changes from the hotfix driver. This is not 100% definite, but that is the way it's looking right now. When I get back to the office on Tuesday I'll try to get this confirmed.
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                    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                    Windows support for HD2xx AGP was pushed out via hotfix in January, and Cat 8.2 was the first regular driver to include it. Linux AGP support is being implemented now.

                    Whoohoo Kepp us inform I'm glad to hear this

                    If you guy's ever need a few Beta tester


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                      BTW, not mentioning HD2xxx in the release notes was my fault -- I didn't get to the release note folks in time.