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HD 2600 PRO AGP - driver problems

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  • Originally posted by Swoopy View Post
    yes if you mean this one:

    I am using the 1.2.1 Radeonhd just fine on my H.I.S. 2600XT AGP 512MB GDDR3 IceQ Turbo
    Yep, that's it. Thanks. I'll try it tonight/tomorrow and see how it works.


    • just tried ATI 8.4 driver with ubuntu 7.10 and ONCE AGAIN GOT BLACK SCREEN. (MSI HD2600 AGP Pro).
      I even managed to install it (reguired some hacking because --buildpkg did not work...

      anyone got that working?

      or is it once again wait another month...

      even if i some day get it working I won't never ever buy ATI anymore!


      • HD2600 not working

        Same for me with SAPPHIRE RADEON HD2600 PRO AGP version. I am with gutsy too but the installation of the drivers went flawlessly (except they don't work, of course).

        I'm waiting with a 64MB NVIDIA card until I can use my new card. I'm not returning my card because I hope ATI/AMD will fix this situation. But I won't wait forever.


        • 6 (SIX) months of this thread, ONE ("Be or not to be?") problem and not yet solved! This is not just a shame, this is SCANDAL!!!


          • Originally posted by dungeon View Post
            6 (SIX) months of this thread, ONE ("Be or not to be?") problem and not yet solved! This is not just a shame, this is SCANDAL!!!
            I tend to agree. I don't know who's fault it is, and it'll probably make me go NVIDIA from now on. But for some good news:

            SUCCESS (Kinda) Using this guide

            I was able to get my Sapphire 2600 XT 512 recognized. I don't hink I can play with the bells and whistles, but I'm just happy to get 1680 x 1050 finally. I'm not entirely happy, but compared to before, just getting the resolution right is enough.


            • I know of these os drivers (i use "radeon" driver on old machine with 9250 and Mesa + r200), but i must use
              fglrx for 2600 because i have my own SDL/OpenGL demos that i wrote earlier and some of them need ATI specific
              extensions... Neither of os drivers and Mesa/DRI can provide that, even not commonly 3D possibile by now.
              Why HD AGP products have this problem i don't know, but 6 (SIX) months for just ONE old-tech_"IS"-well-known "problem" is really SCANDAL.


              • Well in my opinion AMD under finance the developement of there Linux driver!. That is why US has end user have such bad support for the AMD product that we have both!.

                Maybe we should have an online petition so that we the Linux user can bring a clear message to AMD management about this problem.


                • For my PowerColor Radeon 2600 PRO 512MB drivers work properly but performance is very poor Performance on Windows is 2x and up better than Linux, so I agree with You that it is scandal! IT'S NOT FAIR than I can't play in games on my Linux system because AMD doesn't resolve problem from end of 2007 year!!! I think than petition is very good idea


                  • Any suggestions?


                    • We have been working on adding 6xx AGP support for a while now and the support should start to trickle out in the next few releases depending on chip and board.

                      Please don't start a petition for AGP now; the last thing in the world I want to see is people believing that a last-minute petition made a difference to something we had been working on for months. I don't want to see anyone sacrificing chickens to get better dual-head support either