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8.44 problems in creating debs for debian unstable

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    Nobody needs to edit /etc/modules to load fglrx, thats absolutely wrong. The module is outloaded when you start the X server.
    Ah ok sorry, didn't catch it. The question seems to be solved by DefaultColorDepth 24, but in the lines above I've told everything I've done to get fglrx enabled.

    We're going off topic but I want to ask you something:
    your installer successfully creates the *.deb, using Ubuntu/edgy. So I thought that executing the installer with the flag --buildpkg Ubuntu/edgy would have done it the same way. This doesn't happen. Why does your installer work? If this is not the place, we can continue the discussion via mail. If you don't have interesting in explaining the question I won't blame you.


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      My script is more intelligent, it extracts the installer and adds a hotfix for that issue.


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        Ok thanks for all your efforts. I've downloaded Kanotix RC7 and I promise I'll check it out . If you ever need me (I know that it has the same chance of a man trying to avoid a wall using tunnel effect) , ask. I owe you one