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Help with fglrx 7.11 and AIGLX

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  • Tina Russell
    started a topic Help with fglrx 7.11 and AIGLX

    Help with fglrx 7.11 and AIGLX

    Hey; I use a Gateway CX-140 tablet computer, which has an ATI Radeon 2300 HD card on it. (What's tragic is that fglrx still has no rotation ability, but that's a different subject.) My compy's resolution is 1280x768, so I can't use the latest driver, 7.12. However, when I do use that driver (and have a stretchy screen), direct rendering seems to work and shows up both in "fglrxinfo" and the Catalyst control panel.

    However, as soon as I rolled back to 7.11, I can only get "Mesa" indirect rendering and no support for AIGLX or anything like that. It's very frustrating because I can't do any of the fancy graphical stuff my card is supposed to support. Any help would be appreciated. I can give more information if needed. Thanks!

    (Oh! And I use Ubuntu 7.10, "Gutsy Gibbon.")

  • Tina Russell
    Never mind, it works now. I followed some instructions from here:

    Specifically, these instructions:

    sudo rmmod fglrx
    cd /lib/modules/*/misc
    sudo insmod fglrx.ko
    modprobe fglrx

    Now I have a weird problem: when running Second Life, an AIGLX-requiring application, with Desktop Effects on, Second Life will flicker off and on, appearing and disappearing rapidly, no matter what windows are before it on the desktop. It's very strange. Does anybody else have a problem like this?

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