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ATI 7.12 question

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  • ATI 7.12 question

    I'm new here on forum but I read up ur site quite a lot.
    Reason I registered on forum and posting this topis is that I really would like some help.
    There is a video of 7.12 drivers working on Ubuntu with compiz and everything. Even ET: QW.
    I tried to install that new driver on my X1950pro in 7.10_x64 Ubuntu. I managed to get some stuff to work but mainly its still bad. I cant get compiz to run, my 22" monitor works in 1280x1024, etc.
    Is there any way that some of you guys that managed to make everything work write up how you did it. Like a little how to. This became a world round problem.
    Is there any way to run cedega successfully with 7.12 drivers (I dont get 3d nor OpenGL in tests).

    Thank you very much and I think I wont be the only one to appreciate this.

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    Anyone ???


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      Is your card agp or pcie, I would give 64bit a miss if i was you and use 32bit version.

      Heres a link to set up drivers.

      and type compiz --replace to start compiz.
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