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Given up on fglrx

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  • Given up on fglrx

    I now use the RadeonHD driver which works well. At least it doesn't crash when switching between the console and X, something I do all the time. I'd advise anyone who doesn't need 3D acceleration or video playback to do the same. I need video playback but I can wait. Fglrx is one of the reasons I've been forced to use Windows for watching DVDs and the like. I have a laptop so changing the gpu is not a trivial task.

    I cannot believe that such a simple task as switching to the console can crash the video driver.

    I only hope AMD delivers with the RadeonHD driver and we get decent video playback with NO TEARING.

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    It gets better. Youtube videos now work in fullscreen with RadeonHD on AMD64 Debian!


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      You can always use

      mplayer -vo x11 -zoom file

      that uses software scaling. This basically always works but is slow and cpu consuming. xine/kaffeine should fallback to x11 automatically. I can not test radeonhd driver on my own, but added it to Kanotix - autodetected since Thorhammer RC7. It is not the problem to watch a movie but to do that hw accellerated.
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