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Tweak and tips for the ati 7.11 Linux driver

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  • Tweak and tips for the ati 7.11 Linux driver

    Hello good people of the phoronix forum

    I run the 7.11 Linux driver for my radeon 9800 Pro on a mandriva 2008 OS. It is working pretty good AIGXL, Quake 4, Doom3, etc... but the screen flicker when I use OpneGl game with compiz ? I also have problem using application like recordmydesktop. Even if compiz-fusion work great, when I record my desktop it lagg terribly. I try every setting to alleviate the problem but nothing seem to work.

    If anyone know a few xorg.conf trick I would be interested to know.

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    No fix that I know off. If you're running Compiz with AIGLX you will suffer from screen corruption and often full screen blinking when trying to render opengl apps. or use Xv in videos. Your only choice, as far as video playback, is to use plain ol' X for rendering. You will have to turn Compiz off if you want to game.


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      Ok but is there anything I could do to improve application like recordmydesktop then?


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        the Textured2d and TexturedXRender options help somewhat with 2d performance. As far as I can tell, they add a primitive sort of EXA acceleration, which helps some aspects of 2d performance.

        Scrolling is still horrible, though.


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          Well the new 7.12 (8.44.3) driver did fix a few of the issue I had before wile running OpenGl game with compiz-fusion. No more blinking and no more memory leak!


          Now if I could only record my desktop with acceptable performance it would be real sweat


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            doesn't work with soem boards, mainly igps.
            the other option is ok if you use render acceleration to speed up that. you still could have a lot of pain having that enabled since it's quite slow when compared to the nvidia rendering.