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AMD Quietly Releases Catalyst 14.8 Linux Driver

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    Originally posted by xtachx View Post
    Try installing Fedora. In my experiance, fedora's support for open drivers are a lot better than others simply because the kernel they use is much newer (6 months ahead sometimes) from Ubuntu.
    Or if you want to use Ubuntu, could just grab a newer mainline kernel from:;O=D

    Can even use daily kernels if you dare


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      Originally posted by splice42 View Post
      If you mean I should remove the oibaf PPA entirely and use default drivers, no, that's a complete no-go. There is no support for A10-7850K (kaveri) in the non-oibaf OSS radeon drivers. I absolutely, 100% need the oibaf drivers, at least as far as I've been led to believe.
      This is simply not true.

      Once you have everything working the oibaf PPA can give you improvements but the 14.04 release has full (again with the possible exception of video) acceleration support for Kaveri.

      Maybe you're thinking of 13.10, where you did need a lot of updates to get an accelerated stack ?
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        Hold on, are we talking in 2 different threads ?


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          Originally posted by bridgman View Post
          Hold on, are we talking in 2 different threads ?
          Yes, so I'm trying to keep it in the OSS thread in the forum. I'm sorry if there are delays in my replies, they keep getting shuttled to the moderation queue. I thought that was only the first 5 posts but here we are. Hopefully that'll end soon. Anyway, I'm continuing in the OSS driver forum.

          EDIT: Since this post went right through, I guess it's the URLs that make them go to the moderation queue. That's unfortunate, since I don't really want to post long logs inline. There's a post waiting to be approved with the LiveCD information I collected. Spoiler alert: it used the OSS driver, but there was no hardware acceleration and I was stuck in 1024x768.


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            If you had kernel modesetting disabled the 1024x768 res wouldn't surprise me, I think you get the VESA driver.

            Thought the URL=>moderation thing only happened for the first few posts -- until it gets cleared up, maybe separate the URLs into two parts -- a description of the site (probably without the http) and then the specifics of what you pasted (that can be added to the URL for the site) ?


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              They also released a new APU driver today: