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first 512 pixels not initialized

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  • first 512 pixels not initialized


    I have an ati mobility radeon X2300 card in my asus f3ke laptop
    It works great with the new 8.42.3 driver and with the 7.11 package but the first (left) 512 pixels of my top-most line stay black. I wonder if more people have this issue
    btw, it works in Windhose and it did work before 8.40, but then I didn't have 3d acceleration.
    btw2, I'm using Ubuntu 7.10

    (I have also posted this on the Rage3d forums but no one seems to care about it there)

    cheers, Frans

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    I've got some randomly colored lines at bottom left of the screen. But not all the time, they can appear and disappear at will (some kind of AI . It started with 8.42. I didn't have this issue with <=8.40 drivers and i didn't use 8.41 because i've got unsupported by that release Radeon 9600 (actually i installed this driver just to get rid of it in 5 minutes, it couldn't even draw glxgears without graphical bugs...) Interesting thing: on Windows each release makes things better, but on Linux... hmm... Why???


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      Well, I reinstalled my entire system and installed the 8.43 driver again. Now everything is fine, the 512 pixels are back now!
      I don't know what went wrong...


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        Originally posted by x86xlat View Post
        Interesting thing: on Windows each release makes things better, but on Linux... hmm... Why???
        I haft to ask why your on the FGLRX drivers still, considering that the radeon 9600 you could use the open source Radeon Driver that is out, which went under the name of, xf86-video-ati, or xf86-video-radeon depending on your release, and on top of that this driver includes tv out, as stated by a previous pharonix news release.


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          Open source radeon driver is a good thing, but... Does it support OpenGL 2.0? Yeah, ATI version still lacks some features, but it is the best version I can use right now. I don't need tv out, Xv, AIGLX and so on. I just want good 2D and good OpenGL 2.0. Open source driver gives you first thing, and ATI driver gives 0.5/0.5. Hard choice.