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Radeon HD 4670 (Ice Q 1 GB)

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  • Radeon HD 4670 (Ice Q 1 GB)


    I have an ICe Q ATI Radeon 4670, it works ok unde Suse 12.3 with the open source driver that Suse install with a clean install of the OS (Galliem 3d), my problem, that I believe comes from the driver(s) are 2:

    1) while booting, sometimes it seems that the drivers fails to load properly, I get a blank screen and occasionally vertical lines, the PC is apparently continuing to boot as I see disk activity, I wait for that activity to end and I have to turn-off/on the PC and try again, sometimes up to 6 times..

    2) The most annoying, the PC gets froxen complety, all I get are 'system bell' that says the CPU froze for sch time, it can happen anytime and several times or not.

    I have all desktop effect off, desktop render in 'raster' not OpenGl, I have all indexers and automatic updates off.

    OS and kernal:

    Open Suse: 12.3
    Linux 3.7.10-1 (32 bit)

    Is the official driver better ?