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Catalyst 14.3 Beta Linux Driver Fixes OpenGL Performance Issues

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    Originally posted by Espionage724 View Post
    I'm on Xubuntu 14.04; I had oibaf's PPA + a 3.14 kernel nightly (simply put, was running the "newest" stuff), and on my 7850, open-source drivers still fell behind in performance compared to fglrx. Just for the most significant different, highest settings on TF2 (8xMSAA being the main performance hit) had me at 40 FPS on radeon. Same settings put me between 100-200 FPS on fglrx.
    Open source is known to perform horribly with AA enabled. I wouldn't use it. Just crank up the resolution as high as you can. Usually 1080p with FPS games like TF2 is good enough without needing AA since you don't have time to see jaggies--just kidding! Really though, I'd rather forget about AA and Catalyst and just live with some jaggies and the open source drivers.