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AMD's New Catalyst Driver Is Available To All Linux Users

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    Originally posted by LN17 View Post
    I would be interested what the new distribution support means. (it is so general)
    It means the driver now officially supports the three "new distributions" in the next bullet point...


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      Originally posted by Grogan View Post
      Another regression for me. Both Left4Dead 2 and Serious Sam 3 are back to running like shit with this new Catalyst 3.11 Beta 9.5 driver. (I played both just last night and thought to myself that I was content now) If both of those have been degraded, then probably ALL my games will hurt. I can't even be arsed. Those are games that modern hardware doesn't even slow down for in Windows. (I'm not even that modern... Radeon HD 5870 on a Core i7 3.2 GHz system, and both of those games are trivial)
      Back to the Beta 9.4 driver and performance is back to normal. (i.e. wasn't caused by something else like the kernel build I did first today. Linux 3.12.7. I usually wait until there's a new fglrx driver and virtual box update before doing a minor kernel upgrade... do all the work at once)

      Neither of those games run "great" but there's a night and day difference in performance between those two fglrx beta versions, for me.

      Maybe the changes to vsync or something like that, I'm guessing.


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        Originally posted by homerhomer View Post
        This driver does seem to be a little snappier and my brightness quick keys now work. I was just starting to feel good about this new beta driver and then I opened up Google chrome and X11 crashed, LOL.

        Looks like there's already a bug posted on this that looks similar -

        I hope it doesn't take two years to fix like the brightness issue.

        Come on AMD, you're almost there, prove to me that you give a crap.
        They will probably read it in the next 2 years. Seriously, I have given up and every penny of the 660Ti was worth it. I can at least preserve my sanity now.

        And no whosoever said r600g is feature-compatible with catalyst is wrong. If that was the case I wouldn't have switched. (Oh btw, they just added 1.15 support). It shows when a company gives a crap about its users. ATI - never again.
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