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ATI 8.42 Driver XvMC Support

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  • ATI 8.42 Driver XvMC Support

    HI folks!

    I happen to have now in my new machine an integrated X1250 Radeon graphics and I recently installed the 8.42 driver...

    I am impressed with the 3D boost it gave to my onboard chip, some times framerates are more than double!! RACER runs flawlessly now also I can play Sauerbraten and the rest...

    I can play video straight away but I would like to ask if the new driver supports XvMC hardware video acceleration in order to get HDVideo and DVD playback without melting the CPU.

    Also can someone tell me if my HDMI port works under Linux?

    Thanks in advance...


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    Your chipset is a Xpress 1200 series (Xpress 1250 ?)
    Because i have the Xpress 1250 integrated chipset and the fglrx 8.42 doesn't support the Xvideo.
    Do you have the Xvideo ?


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      Yeah I'm pretty sure HDMI should work. Give it a shot.


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        Chipset=AMD 690G->Xpress 1250

        I can play video with only 2 drivers...
        OpenGL and XSHM...

        XV doesn't work at all, and XSHM offers awful quality when fullscreen.

        So only OpenGL driver works (Excellent Video Quality and Synchro) but only with Xine-UI!!
        And that's the weird thing, programs that work with libxine such as Kaffeine or Totem cannot load OpenGL Driver!!! Any ideas why this happen??

        Also if you enable OpenGLOverlay in xorg.conf Compiz Fusion just doesn't work at all, the screen becomes a total mess!

        But you can use OpenGL driver(Works correctly with subtitles with the rendering method 2D_Tex_Tiled) even without the OpenGLOverlay enabled.

        I am really comfused but also glad that I can have at least one working accelerated driver even in one single program.

        But any help would be really appreciated cause video behaviour is very strange...
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          Also fullscreen video, if you have Compiz-Fusion enabled, only works with the option at CCSM->General Settings->Unredirect Fullscreen Pixmaps,checked...

          I tell this info for any friend having troubles playing good video with Fusion enabled. But we are talking about fullscreen only! Windowed video still has problems for me...


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            XvMC is quite a different beast from Xv. Xv offers accelerated colorspace conversion and scaling, while XvMC also aids in the video decoding process.
            XvMC is still quite problematic, with ALL cards. ATI doesn't support it at all.