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Fedora 8 + Linux 2.6.23 Kernel & ATI fglrx

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    Originally posted by koolmanoncampus View Post
    you can try to see if it can be done with aticonfig...

    try aticonfig --help in the terminal.
    Thanks, tried that one already, but could not really find something. Still looking...

    Edit: some of the options I tried give the same error as amdcccle:

    aticonfig --query-dispattrib lvds,overscan
    aticonfig: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.

    Well, let's ho.. - erm - "wait" for 8.43, anyway.
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      Originally posted by wiscados View Post
      Fedora 8 was released after 8.43. Does 8.43 generate F8 specific package? Should I just use the F7 package, or does it even matter? Or maybe just a generic installation..
      There are basically two ways to install it:

      1) Use the driver from the ATI download page. Because of Kernel 2.6.23, you will need to apply a patch for it to work. I have not tried this out myself.

      2) Install the packages from the livna repository, as described here:


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        ... and finally some good news: I really don't understand why, but suspend and hibernate are magically working again on my laptop (Inspiron 6400, Moblity Radeon X1400, Fedora 8, kernel!

        Did anybody have the same luck?


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          Is the Livna fglrx package already patched for the 2.6.23 kernel? I'm running Fedora 8 with an X1400 and can't get the desktop effects or control panel working using the livna package. I have the same problem described in the first post here:

          I wasn't sure if I should download the ati installer and patch it (or even how to do that).

          Any ideas?