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AMD APU HSA/HUMA Catalyst queries.

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  • AMD APU HSA/HUMA Catalyst queries.


    I'm interested in building a new system based on Kaveri once it comes out, the HSA & HUMA & GPU capabilities look interesting. I'm just a bit concerned that the use of these features will depend on AMD providing drivers for them & in the future that driver support being dropped, like the Radeon HD4000 series and below has been. I wouldn't be very happy if parts of my APU became non-fonctional with new distros due to ever increasing Xorg(or Wayland) and Kernel versions and AMD no longer providing suitable drivers for them.

    It makes me wonder if just waiting for an Athlon Kaveri to come out to avoid wasting money on features that will not work in a few years time.

    I am quite possibly wrong in much of the above. Any thoughts?

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    You're entirely right, that will happen, the question is just "when".

    Of course their open-source support might have caught up by then, which means by far better support. (btw: hd4000 is excellent under the open drivers)