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My X1950XTX gets warm when playing games (fan speed?)

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  • My X1950XTX gets warm when playing games (fan speed?)

    I've downloaded the demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and it works fine playing. Though after a while when playing the computer locks up, my only guess is a too warm graphics card. I haven't noticed any increase of the fan speed when the card gets loaded. I felt the cooling-flange and it was quite hot, though I don't know how hot it should normally be.

    I got a tip to check the output of aticonfig --lsp and choose a preferable setting from there, but the only output I get is:

        core/mem      [flags]
    * 1: 506/594 MHz  [overdrive, default state]
    so it seems I can't change anything there concerning the fanspeed. Are there any working settings you can add/change in the xorg.conf file?

    Sorry, if many posts of this category has been posted at this forum, the search-function seemed to don't work at this time.