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Activating tv-out corrupts display

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  • Activating tv-out corrupts display

    When I activate tv out using aticonfig --effective=now --enable-monitor=lvds,tv, both my primary (built-in LCD) and tv outputs are corrupted. The display shifts downwards by about 1/3 of the screen and the upper third is filled with almost random bits/images.

    To make this explanation more clear, imagine the toolbar that is normally at the top of the screen appearing instead 1/3 of the way down the monitor with garbage appearing above this. The bottom 1/3 of the desktop is not visible.

    The hardware mouse cursor can still move over the entire screen, including over the garbage part. However, as the screen itself has shifted down, you have to guess as to where the mouse cursor really is in relation to screen contents.

    Relevant system info:
    - mobility 9600
    - 8.42.3

    Deactivating tv-out with aticonfig --effective=now --enable-monitor=lvds does not fix things. The only solution is to reboot or restart the X server.

    Any advice on how to diagnose/fix this issue?

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    I've now noticed that simply running aticonfig --effective=now --enable-monitor=lvds causes the corruption regardless if any other display is connected or not.


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      try setting them via the catalyst control center instead of the command line.
      maybe it works. i haven't tried it in linux but in windows works, and since the option is there in the liux-ccc why not testing it. let me know if that works since i can add it to a list of things that work with the 8.42


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        Same results when using the control centre application. This is a definite regression as I've been using the same setup for over a year the default Ubuntu Feisty fglrx driver.

        By the way, this same corruption behaviour is exhibited with the standard Gutsy fglrx as well (8.37.6).


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          By the way, this same corruption behaviour is exhibited with the standard Gutsy fglrx as well (8.37.6).
          then either os a misconfiguration or something related to gusty.