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  • Video on 2nd screen

    Does anyone know if 8.43 will fix this glaring problem?

    I start up mplayer or totem on my second screen; and it displays the video on my other screen; but with the window decorations on the other.

    How this even made it out the door as an acceptable performance issue is beyond me; it's right in the release notes. It's completely pathetic.

    Or maybe fix suspending/resuming... that's kinda obnoxious too.

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    are you really sure that you've set up well the 2 screen output?!
    for what you're saying it seems that your settings aren't ok.


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      No, but you could easily set that for vlc with the X video display name being set to ":0.1" ( which is the primary video card, second display. ).


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        No, but you could easily set that for vlc with the X video display name being set to ":0.1" ( which is the primary video card, second display. ).
        ok, but how does this display work?! do you know how xorg will configure it?! i don't think so...

        so have a look here at this document and see what options you'd like to have (some of them are useful):
        set your display as you want it set (for what i've learned from you it seems that you'd like 2 displays with 2 different fbs) looking at the particular part of the multiple display setting and at the tv settings.
        after you've set the xorg.conf to your needs restart x and try again using your apps on one desktop or on the other. i'd bet that after setting properly xorg that would work.
        and remember to have set the xinerama on option or you won't have a good multidesktop experience.
        if you want a brief description of some xorg settings see page 51 and 53 of the 8.42.3 official thread and take a look at the options i've recommended there.
        and remember to use videooverlay on or you may risk using the opengl overlay and i don't know how it works on your board. in general xv should be faster than the opengl one.


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          Let me be clearer...

          When I start up an application like totem the window appears on the proper screen (:0.1) however; the video overlay appears on :0.0.

          However the system is unaware of this as it thinks its being rendered properly. If I exit totem the last frame of the video sticks to the other display! It's a perfect prank like annoying bug; but rather annoying as it effects any application with overlay (like video, games, etc.)

          So Window/Window decorations on proper screen; overlay on incorrect screen!

          You could always "toss" applications to another screen by modifying your $DISPLAY variable.


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            Let me be clearer...
            maybe i wasn't clearer myself!!! if you don't set properly the dual head output with 2 videooverlay you'll always encounter this problems!!!! and set also this to make the last frame disappear when you close the app in your device section:

            Option "XAANoOffscreenPixmaps" "true"
            i repeat: xorg knows that you set an app to a new screen, the problem is that that screen is not configured to be individual from the other and to not have the xvoverlay. this is a problem of misconfiguration that will go away after you set xorg to 2 independent video screens with 2 xv overlays. if not every xv app will run it's window on the screen with the overlay and the window decoration on the one that it was started.
            before saying around to be clearer or not, try out setting what i've said, the dual screen mode and then retry. it should work out after.