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Why does X take SO LONG to load with FGLRX?

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  • Why does X take SO LONG to load with FGLRX?

    Why does Xorg take so long to load with the fglrx driver? I have compared my laptops bootchart with many other computers of similar performance but with different graphics cards and Xorg start so much faster. It takes ago 5-10 to start X on my system. Why am I bitching about this you might ask? Well I help develop a new init system and my boot from kernel load to login with slimd (which also included the loading of hal/dbus/samba/wpa_supplicant/etc) only takes 15-18 seconds. Staring X is a the slowest part of my boot by far and I think its fglrx's fault!!!

    Specifically, I think it has part to do with DRIScreenINIT. Why cant this driver work like every other normal linux driver and create a hotplug compatible event so that udev/mdev could create /dev/dri/card* when fglrx is modprobbed?

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    so I am the only one that notices this?


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      It takes me about 25-35 seconds max to boot in from GRUB all the way to my desktop.

      Roughly 20ish to boot into GDM, and then another 3-5 seconds after logging in to finish loading.

      So I don't notice that problem, and I doubt it would be the driver causing X to have significant load times. Look at what's loading at startup instead.


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        speed up booting

        the default style xorg.conf is set up for compatability and support for most input devices.

        you are going to want to modify that file for your particular setup. if you are loading the wacom drivers and not using them, you should defenetly disable them for a faster boot.

        you also should look into noty loading some of the unessisary x11 modules.

        makes a large diffrence boot speed