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AMD Mantle for linux?

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    Originally posted by chithanh View Post
    I am sorry for the harsh reply.

    AMD will make Mantle-like OpenGL extensions too:

    AMD currently seems to throw APIs at the wall to see what sticks. There are like 5 of them now (Windows DirectX, Xbox DirectX, PS4 PSGL(?), Mantle and OpenGL+extensions), all for the same hardware.
    Anything that isn't DirectX and works on Linux is win to me.


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      So Mantle is not for consoles? AMD must be betting big on mobile and/or Mac then or they are calling supporting more than one version of Windows "cross platform".


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        Unfortunately, all but the future "Jet Engine" Power Mac machines from Apple lack AMD GPUs. All new lines of iMac/Air/Book have either just Intel iGPU or an additional Nvdia GPU.

        I really hope that either AMD provides Mantle support for Linux drivers in light of SteamOS or bring those OpenGL extensions they talked about that do mostly the same.

        I'm thinking that they must have at least tried to pitch Mantle to $ony thus they should have had at least a 'proof of concept' implementation for the modified *BSD kernel used by PS4, thus there should be some work put into a Linux/BSD version of Mantle.


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          Amd posted more about mantle here
          Perhaps after the AMD Developer Summit (APU13), hosted at the San Jose Convention Center from November 11 to 13, Bridgman may be able to comment further.
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