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fglrx + wine + unreal = :(

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  • fglrx + wine + unreal = :(

    i've been digging around a bit, and it seems like ATI users who are using the fglrx proprietary drivers tend to have issues with Unreal-based games in Wine. For instance, Borderlands 2 and Remember Me seem to run flawlessly (sometimes even better than Windows) when running on Nvidia cards, in Wine. On my old 560ti I played through all of Dishonored in Wine, and it ran perfectly. But run them with fglrx and you get about 2fps.

    Is anyone aware of any way to increase performance under Catalyst, for Unreal games in Wine? Or is this just a combination that is not meant to be? (And/or would it be wiser for me to wait for radeonsi to get to the level of r600 and possibly switch to that at a later date?)

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    turns out there were some patches released for wine:

    these seem to have resolved my issue with fglrx. I'll be honest -- I don't know if it was disabling StrictDrawOrdering (which is required for this patch set) that fixed it or if it was the patches themselves, but everything runs flawlessly now.


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      I know Unreal Tournament had native Linux support up until UT2007 (due to license issues).


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        aye, but the unreal tournament that had native linux support way back when is a far cry from the current itteration of the Unreal Engine that is used in so many modern games these days.


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          True, like I said after UT2007 there was some license issues that halted their linux support , Epic was in the middle of setting up a native linux client and dropped it because of it.