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Radeon 9800 PRO, FC6, no transparency(not translucency) at all

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  • Radeon 9800 PRO, FC6, no transparency(not translucency) at all

    I've been searching google and this forum for some time and wasn't able to find anything on this, if there is a thread already, sorry.

    So I have a Radeon 9800 PRO 128MB, and running FC6. I used the open-source drivers for some time, but I want to switch to the proprietary, I've used them in FC5 and had no problem whatsoever (except the lack of the "Composite" extension, but I don't care that much for eye-candy anyway).

    The thing is that since I've installed them (first 8.29 and now 8.30), I have no transparency (rounded corners for windows have a black background, bubble-like popups and tooltips are rectangular, the bouncing icon cursor has a square black background etc.). If I switch to radeon it works just fine, but I don't get high enough frame-rates in OpenGL apps.

    I get the problem in both KDE&gnome.

    Here is a collection of screenies showing the issue:

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    The issues you mentioned are largely problems with fglrx. No known workaround at this time. Sorry the information couldn't be positive, but welcome to the forums.
    Michael Larabel


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      First, great response time . Well, the weird part is that it worked in FC5. Am I to understand that it's a compatibility issue with Xorg 7.1?



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        I haven't asked ATI/AMD about this issue directly, but yes, I think it's with Xorg 7.1 (If I recall, I also ran into this issue with Ubuntu Edgy Eft).
        Michael Larabel


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          I had the same problem after I install the fglrx drivers in FC6. The solution is quite simple, but I found it by chance.

          Add the following in the section "Module" in xorg.conf:

          Section "Module"
          Load "dbe" # Double-Buffering Extension
          Load "v4l" # Video for Linux
          Load "extmod"
          Load "type1"
          Load "freetype"
          Load "dri"
          Load "glx"

          after that, you will recover your transparency in the bouncing icons, windows and everything.


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            Good find! I didn't notice that before. I can confirm it's working here for fglrx on FC6 with transparency.
            Michael Larabel


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              hey guys, i managed to solve it without doing that. all i had to do was reinstall the drivers, and it works. but it's good to know anyway.