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2 7950 and crossfire

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  • 2 7950 and crossfire

    I am trying to get crossfire working with my 2 7950's but every time I enable it and reboot my system freezes at the login screen. Running ubuntu 13.04

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    We need more info than that man lol xorg.conf and lspci at the very least


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      I would be happy to do that, but I need more information like when I should log those things and send you the information and how. I mean like should I connect the crossfire ribbon and then let it fail and then send you the file, or just put both the things in and show you?

      I won't be able to show you my xorg if you want to wait for it to fail until i reboot with the ribbon off because the screen freezes with them in crossfire. I think I am going to need a little more help becuase I am not a Linux expert.


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          Crossfire Gentoo style

          I wrote this up a while back this may help with some aspects of your problem even though it's not gentoo or a multigpu card, the steps are very similar.

          I suggest you read up a bit on the differences of crossfire and multigpu in the docs as well as aticonfig --help


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            Thanks Acidphase

            I successfully got aticonfig --lscs to display crossfire enabled, but shortly after I login eventually my whole screen freezes. Any ideas?


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              Hmmz something might be going on with the driver or xorg.conf, make sure it's looking at the right BUS ID's for one in the conf and it's not trying to run KMS. check your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file too.