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OpenSuSE 10.+fglrx 8.41.7+HD2600XT(ddr3)=black screen.

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  • OpenSuSE 10.+fglrx 8.41.7+HD2600XT(ddr3)=black screen.

    Does anybody else have a same problem by using openSUSE 10.3 and some ati hd series card and after installing the driver(8.41.7) using Yast or console and have everything(packages) in your system that you need and after reboot your screen is totally black even if you try to use failsafe or non x.

  • Mota_boy
    Hmm, i wonder does anybody have idea would it help to update the xorg 7.2.. -> 7.3 and then try to install fglrx 8.41.7/8.42.3,?
    and card what i`m using is hd 2600 xt(gddr3).
    I mean if it would have better succeed.

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  • Mota_boy
    No well, one guestion first, is that new driver usetable for opensuse also because when i try to "compile" it on suse using following command: sh --listpkg, i mean it should give list of suse distros but on me it give`t list of ubuntus,(the driver what i downloaded on this phoronix site).

    Anyway i installed on yast the 8.41.7.jne driver and use some console and this time it worked,(even do the 3d-acleration does not work yet, but suse regonice the ati 2600 xt and fglrx driver)
    hmm have to keep working -> to get the 3d work to

    Ou and sorry about my english it is little bit rust.

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  • Mota_boy
    thanks, i`ll try that, and thank you all for youre good answers

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  • edged
    Assuming you use init 3 from the grub boot screen and are able to login, and the problem is you're unable to get the fglrx module to build, you need this patch:
    --- /usr/src/linux/scripts/mod/modpost.c	2007-10-08 07:31:40.000000000 -0400
    +++ /usr/src/linux/scripts/mod/modpost.c	2007-10-20 04:12:23.000000000 -0400
    @@ -1345,8 +1345,8 @@ static void check_exports(struct module 
     			basename = mod->name;
    -		if (!mod->gpl_compatible)
    -			check_for_gpl_usage(exp->export, basename, exp->name);
    +/*		if (!mod->gpl_compatible)
    +			check_for_gpl_usage(exp->export, basename, exp->name);*/
     		check_for_unused(exp->export, basename, exp->name);
    Edit:[Forgot to state build command]
    Copy the above code to /tmp/ naming it modpost.c.diff. Following that, you build the new modpost:
    cd /usr/src
    cat /tmp/modpost.c.diff | patch -p0
    cd /usr/src/linux/scripts/mod
    gcc -o modpost modpost.c file2alias.c sumversion.c
    Then you would need to copy the new modpost from that location to the modular kernel source, for example:
    cd /usr/src/linux-
    mv ./modpost ./modpost.old
    cp /usr/src/linux/scripts/mod/modpost ./
    That's the patch I used to get 8.40.4 to build. Anyway, it may still be needed for 8.41.7 (I don't recall).
    Last edited by edged; 10-23-2007, 08:40 AM.

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  • Ole-Martin Broz
    check ur, frequency for the display, its bugged on my CF 2900 XT
    i had to correct it myself, and remove a driver and 1 monitor, it didnt delete the stuff from the vesa driver. so i had 2 configurations in one aswell, stole the display settings from the monitor section from the previous driver, voila, worked for me.

    And i had a issue in 64 bit, strange one, i wrote my username: atkins "enter"
    Password : xxxxxxxxxxxx "enter"
    took 10 seconds, got display, only vesa again >_<

    but got it working again afer lots of tickering, but, couldnt find out what made it work, was to angry to controll myself.

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  • edged
    Originally posted by Mota_boy View Post
    Does anybody else have a same problem by using openSUSE 10.3 and **SNIP** after reboot your screen is totally black even if you try to use failsafe or non x.
    First off, you can boot up you system by adding this to the end of the options right at the grub boot screen (make sure there is a space before it):
    init 3
    What caused the black screen of death for me was this: the installer left the original system file /usr/lib/ and installed it's own as /usr/X11R6/lib/

    IIRC this didn't happen to me on OpenSuSE 10.2, but anyway you should check to see if there are two GL libs.

    If it exists, the one you want to move out of the way is:
    391344 2007-09-21 21:34
    I'm still using 8.40.4, so I don't know if that's the issue in your case with 8.41.x

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  • Mota_boy
    Yes, i`m using kernel, but i can`t get log in even in text mode, even do i did clear the bios and it make little flash on the beginning when i boot on, but darm after 5 reboot/boot and ~20-30min wait it stucked on the black screen, hmm well i will try to another 10.3 in wmware and get the xorg-file so i and we or somebody can tell/help more/better

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  • Antryg
    clarifications. . .

    when I installed the fglrx driver for hd2400, the install SEEMED to have worked, but

    on reboot, the graphics of the boot-process zoomed by, then when it TRIED to go into X, the screen went black.

    It didn't matter how long I waited, it didn't matter how many times I re-booted the machine, it was the same again and again:
    BIOS Power-On-Self-Test,
    root/system stuff,

    If you add the boot-paramater of 2

    ( add " 2" to the boot-command line, without the quotes, of course )

    you can probably get the machine to boot into text-mode, no-X, no-network.

    Once you do that, login as root, and type
    lsmod | grep fglrx

    this will list the kernel-modules ( lsmod ), and
    show you any with "fglrx" in their name.

    I bet that there ISN'T one loaded, and that that is the problem.

    That is why the build-script, the copy, and the depmod, I listed above.

    IF there isn't a fglrx kernel-module that matches the current kernel, it can't be loaded, and therefore X will be useless
    ( unless /etc/X11/xorg.conf does *not* reference fglrx. . . -- in which case its non-existence should not matter )


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  • Mota_boy
    Yes in root: sh ./install_package i install it, and black screen i mean that when i boot computer on, its stop situation where i have totally black screen and nothing happens even i have waite 10 min.
    And i have gcc, make, kernel source, jne.
    And installation goes correctly aticonfig ..., sax2, but after boot stops on totally black screen, that i mean in this situation.

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