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Radeon 7990 on Linux?

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  • Radeon 7990 on Linux?

    Is it supported?
    Is there someone that have tried out this card on a Linux system?

    I am asking because I have opened bug against Catalyst that basically states that dual 7970 Crossfire setup does not work.

    From that I am assuming that 7990 which is 2 7970 on the same card does not work on Linux.

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    Did you found any information regarding this issue anywhere else?


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      I guess no one have tried out the 7990 on Linux yet (including AMD themselves maybe...).

      I was in part waiting to hear about others experience before making that purchase.

      What I still have to try is the 13.6 catalyst with my dual 7970 crossfire setup and I'll post the result here when done but my expectations are low since 13.6 release seems to be a mini update and the release notes makes 0 reference to crossfire.


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        good news.

        catalyst v13.6 beta apparently has removed the hardlock my X server was experiencing as soon as I was enabling crossfire on my dual 7970 setup.

        Still looking how to verify that crossfire is enabled and working but at least the freeze is gone.

        I guess this is preliminary positive answer concerning 7990 support on linux.